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Wed Nov 28 20:18:49 GMT 2012

>> "Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net> wrote:
>> > I'm trying to remember if besides same gender marriage in Lois' work,
>> > there
>> > is polygamy or not.
>> Yup.  BiA, where Miles is at that state dinner on Earth, paired with one
>> of the visiting dignitary's wives and the translator earbugs are the
>> wrong
>> ones so nobody can understand each other.  She's wearing clothing that
>> obscures everything but her eyes, so I assume she is from some sort of
>> Muslim planet.
>> Beatrice Otter
"Rachel" <anglerfish at gmail.com> wrote:
> That. . . seems like a bit of a leap.

Went back and looked it up.  She is one of the four wives of the Baba of
Lairouba, hereditary ruler of that planet, who is making his pilgrimage to
Mecca.  I didn't remember that bit offhand, but I knew they were Muslim
and I remembered a bit about the woman because she actually interacts with

Beatrice Otter

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