[LMB] Who Watches Gregor?

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> What we don't know is the degree to which the old rules regarding weapons
> are still upheld. Ekaterin's comment about Etienne's nerve disruptor
> suggests that they still are, although perhaps in different forms. No one
> seems to have any problems with ImpSec personnel being armed, despite not
> being Armsmen.
> One point: only private armies are outlawed - Gregor is presumably able to
> have as many as he likes (within various limits).

ImpSec is the Imperial Service.  Soldiers in the Imperial Service are allowed any weapons issued to them in the course of their duties.
Private armies, even armed with butcher knives, are outlawed.  Unarmed vast numbers of servants or employees are not, nor could they be. Vorsmyth must employ thousands in his ship building business, for instance.
In _Barrayar_ Koudelka says he is not allowed a private sword.  In a few other contexts, it’s mentioned that non-Vor only get weapons issued to them by their commanding officers in the Imperial Service, or as a Vassel Secundus to the Emperor.  Thus, Counts and Counts Heirs and Military officers may issue weapons to Proles.  Presumably this includes the Police Forces, though I think Roic says he only ever was issued a stunner.  Bothari has both Nerve Disrupters and Plasma Arcs as an Armsman.
At Seiglings, there is a selection of blades and stunners. No heavier weapons.  Add to that the mention of Tien having an illegal Nerve Disruptor.  Not even Vor, it seems, are allowed Nerve Disrupters or Plasma Arcs or Needlers unless they’re issued them by their commanding officer in the Service (and maybe the Police).
Miles the civilian carries a stunner even in his house.  And his seal dagger.
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