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Francis Turner francis.turner at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 00:11:35 GMT 2012

On 28 November 2012 19:55, John Cowan <cowan at mercury.ccil.org> wrote:
> Anton Sherwood scripsit:
>> On 2012-11-28 10:35, John Cowan wrote:
>> >Sheep damage grazing land, but cattle make grazing land unusable for sheep.
>> I thought it was the other way around because sheep bite off more of
>> the plant.
> That's true.  But cattle's big flat feet trample places where the grass
> cover is sparse, turning it into mud, and they similarly turn waterholes
> into mud basins that sheep won't approach.

I don't think either of those statements is necessarily accurate, it
depends on whether you are overgrazing and/or fighting for water or
not. If not then sheep and cattle can coexist just fine. For example
my cousins have a mixed beef cattle/sheep organic farm in Wales. It's
true they don't have the sheep and the cattle in the same field at the
same time but at different times with fallow days/weeks in between to
let the grass recover works fine.

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