[LMB] OT: medical matters

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Thu Nov 29 04:52:31 GMT 2012

Carol wrote:
And yet, Frenchwomen are renowned for managing to appreciate their cuisine
while remaining trim and petite, thus providing living proof that one can
control one's weight without eschewing anything delicious. No-one knows
quite how they do it!

I've read that NEW fat cells form mostly in infancy and in adolescence.

That matches my history (skinny kid / overweight adult).

Rules for our normal weight daughter:
	* Eat what you feel like eating.
		Initial amounts may be too 
		low but seconds and (if 
		necessary) thirds are OK
	* Stop eating when you are full
	* Bounce a lot (any exercise is good)

Having a very overweight dad may have added some meaning behind this advice.


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