[LMB] OT: Braeburn, now Tobacco

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Commercial tobacco in commercial cigars, cigarettes, snff, and pipe tobacco, 
is much -milder- than what went into peace pipes....  That stuff, was WAY 
too strong to chain-smoke.

Note: there's a botanist who said,"Tobacco would be an extremely nutritious 
food, except it's poisonous."  And the Bayer pesticide named something like 
Clotinid is a neo-nicotine formulation, which Harvard and other institutions 
have fingered as the principal cause of "colony collapse disorder" in bees. 
Without it, the other factors which contribute secondarily, wouldn't be 
extirpating bees and bee colonies.  It's the pesticide with the other 
factors added, that extirpates hives.  Just about all the collapsed colonies 
studies, had that pesticide in them.  Healthy bee colonies, didn't... 
"neo-nicotinoid = based on nicotine...

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Walter Bushnell wrote:
Tobacco is dandy in its place, and only dangerous if it becomes a
habit. (Unfortunately it's perhaps the most addictive of drugs.) If
you smoke it after making peace with people you've been fighting a war
with and had you kin killed and killed their kin, it's perhaps
advisable to smoke. It kills emotions, which is the reason that it is
so popular in societies making the transition to modern economies with
the dislocations that arise then/

Eizabeth Stowe: Cool. I learn something every 15 minutes from this
list.  I'll store away your info on post-fighting and emotion-killing.
Where I live, tobacco growing, along with things like gun
manufacturing, was key to early development. I was sad when the
tourism folks changed the area's name from the Tobacco Valley to the
North Central Region. 

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