[LMB] CVA 18, Udine sniffs Ivan.

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Irene (sekhmet) sez:

>Ivan does get it when blood is on the line. Is this from family  
>history or an inherant part of Barrayar's feudal system?

Shiv: "Not while those Prestene bastards hold two of my  
children hostage." 
Ivan: "Somebody kidnaps _my_ wife, and they'll find the 
Imperium's  boundaries can stretch a hell of a long way."
Miles:  It's not the fast-penta; it's the testosterone! 
This is in general a GOOD thing.  Whatever chemical soup 
inspires  idiots to throw their bodies up against more and 
bigger predators in  protection, retrieval, or creation of
family goes back a LOT farther in time  than history
Ivan has been, characteristically, oblivious to the comments
and hints  Rish and Tej drop about the smell of things. Shiv
may or may not be as  sensitive as his daughters. But Udine,
I suspect, IS as sensitive. And I  suspect that as the discussion
about whether or not Tej goes to the small JW  war gets serious,
the stink Shiv and Ivan exchange on the topic is  more
communicative than their words. Father and son-in-law may
be stinking  in harmony in this duet, or duel, making scents. 
> Ivan is uneasily aware that keeping Tej will require a Deal 
>  of some sort, and that he doesn't have much to offer from
> a Jacksonian  point of view. 
If the negotiation were translated from stink I think it would
go like  this: 
Shiv: "I stink challenge. Are you able and willing to _fight_ for 
Tej's  safety?" 
Ivan: "I stink anger and willingness to fight. Yes. For Tej, 
anywhere,  any time, any one.  But I won't fight for YOU. Your 
fight endangers  her, and so scares me, of which fears I also 
Shiv: "I gesture released tension. I speak distractions. I
I stink a  question. How will you cope with your fears?" 
Ivan: "For Tej, and her safety, I would risk her anger --which  also
scares me -- but I would fight, and beat, even you. I stink confidence  
of my youth and maleness. I speak assertion of my superior command 
of  this battleground. I gesture deference due a senior male, tempered 
with the  stink of rising readiness for a fight to keep Tej with me. 
Safe. Here. With  me. Intensify: Safe. Here. Fight? Your choice." 
Udine: "Good answer! (You smell quite eloquently for a Barrayaran.)
I  deign to make an obvious gesture of approval for the benefits of 
being with  an aggressive male during turbulent life events. I speak,
even more  obviously, grudging approval of Barrayarans, in general. "  
Shiv:  "So. You stink that by leaving Tej with you I do not give  another 
child hostage to an enemy, but entrust this portion of my family  --my 
seed, my stake in the future -- to a powerful ally. I stink-echo  
grudging respect in your general vicinity. I do _NOT_ deign to resort to  
gestures or speech to seal this Deal." 
Ivan:  "I stink confusion. I'm not getting that. What did I say?  
Am I supposed to fight or flee or what, now? What?" 
Udine:  "His sweat glands are great, but his nose is useless. We  might
have to type the Deal up, print it off, and pin the note to his jacket.  
Kiss him goodbye, Shiv, and let's get back to work." 
Shiv: "I stink the attitude that this puppy can kiss _me_, and right on  
my fat old ass. I speak an invitation for him to request permission to
do  so.  I laugh at his stink, gestures, and noises of continuing
And so the door is closed upon the Deal... 

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