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> From: Jacki Knight <jacki at knightech.com.au>
> On 11/04/2013, at 11:57 PM, Walter Bushell wrote:
> > Agriculture is kinda marginal at best in Australia.
> From the National Farmers Federation website:

Snipping the rest of a very well-researched post.

I'll just add - Australia is a continent, and it's just about the size
of mainland USA. It's large, and there's a lot of variation. You've
probably mostly heard about the bits that seem most unusual to
the rest of the world. We have ordinary bits, too.

 Yes, there's a lot of deserts, hot bits, etc. But nearly half the country
 is in the tropics. Up there, there's the Wet Season and the Dry 
Season (although the indigenous population recognised six distinct
 seasons, based on changes in the food supply). In the Wet Season,
 it rains. A LOT. There's a massive amount of water up there for part
 of the year. 

There's a lot of variation in climate across the continent. Parts
are tropical, parts are Mediterranean-type climate, parts are
temperate. Parts are desert. And a dizzying variety of agriculture
goes on all over the place (don't get me started. Have you ever
fed THIRTY-BLOODY-TWO baby lambs four times a day???) 

We've had a thriving wool industry since Macarthur-the-psycho
set it up. Wheat as far as the eye can see. Wineries that are 
blissfully wonderful. Cotton, market gardens, fruit, sugar... and
so much more. 

Come and see!!!! 


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