[LMB] lusting after Aral

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This may take this conversation into OT territory.

What about men's fiction writers like Lee Child? (I read one -I think it was a Lee Child, and found the gun porn to be very disturbing).  Or are they more violence-as-porn rather than sex-as-porn? (my husband refers to my romances as relationship porn.) or are we taking the term "porn" to such an extent that it loses any real meaning?

There's no such thing as useless information; only information I haven't used yet.

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>If you're going to fill my inbox with inappropriate imagery, I think it's
>only fair to return the favor.
>I find it curious that male-oriented erotica (I think it's safe to describe
>parts of the James Bond movies as that) is almost entirely visual, while
>the female equivalent is almost all verbal.  But while there are occasional
>female visual equivalents, there's no real male verbal equivalent.
>(The novels of Mickey Spillane most certainly do *not* count.  And are
>extremely disturbing to boot.)
>Matt G.
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