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> At 07:22 AM 4/16/2013 Gwynne Powell wrote:
>  They aren't thinking about forcing any particular behaviour on their
>> targets. This isn't about the targets at all.
>> This is a form of counting coup. It's done to score points and status
>> with their own side/culture/group/rabid-**loony-mates/whatever. It's
>> done for the pose value, it's done for status and brag value. They don't
>> care how the targets react, or what they do, that's not important.
> Given that we have no idea who "they" are, isn't it a bit early to be
> claiming to know what their motivation and goals are? This could be
> organized terrorism. It could be unorganized terrorism. It could be one
> crazy person with a grudge, a desire to kill, and some bomb-making
> knowledge. The authorities may have some idea about that, but if so they're
> not telling us.
This was one of the things that made me mad yesterday -- within minutes of
the explosions, online commentators blaming (elided because of the ban on
US politics, but 90-95% was coming from one side.)  It's insensitive and
NUTS. At least some people (of all political stripes) called them on it,
but it seems that all these discussions have an extension of Godwin's Law
in effect, where once someone includes the US President's name, everything
degenerates into name-calling and stupidity.

This dynamic causes me far more despair than the actual event that
precipitated it all.  Yes, three deaths and hundreds of injuries are
tragic, but not, ultimately, dangerous to my country as a whole.

We out here seriously don't know right now who or what was behind the

I can say one thing in response to someone who posted earlier, I forget
who, about going after spectators vs. high-level runners vs. first
responders.  The elite runners had crossed the finish line 1-2 hours
beforehand.  *If* the perpetrator(s) were striking against USA-ans in
particular, many if not most of the elite runners are not USA-ans.

The explosions occurred in an area where all three groups were present in
high numbers, perhaps close to maximum numbers as the time would mean a lot
of runners who were not serious competitors but good quality "amateurs",
those likely to be running to raise money for various causes who would
naturally have supporters at/near the finish line, and then increased
numbers of first responders to deal with the increased numbers of runners
(who often are not in great shape by the finish line -- there have been
deaths) and spectators.


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