[LMB] lusting after Aral

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Fri Apr 19 21:03:10 BST 2013

I prefer pretty.  Aging Harrison Ford or (he played James Bond long ago), 
please, no!

Also, the primary sex organ is the -brain-.  I do not find Barrayaran males 
attractive.  Psychologically, eeyeuuuwwwww!!!!

I've seen Healthy Athletic Animal Males with Barrayaran-type perspectives on 
the universe. -Trees- were more alluring to me...

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> > Aral is also shiver-to-the-toenails attractive, he has that incredible
> > charisma and charm.
> >
> Oh?  I thought he was described as looking like a parody of a tinpot
> dictator in all ways but one:  his eyes reflect his intelligence instead 
> of
> dull, stupid brutality.
> He may be interesting looking, but he's not classically handsome. 
> Cordelia
> is rather similar, actually - we're told that she's so striking one 
> doesn't
> notice she's not beautiful.

I didn't say handsome, I said attractive.

Aral has incredible charisma, it's referred to quite often in the text, and
we also see its effects on others.

Attractive isn't necessarily handsome, or pretty, or classically perfect.
Personally, I like a man with a few wrinkles, a bit of life on the clock.
(And hairy. I so love a man with a pelt. Men should be furry.) I've never
had classically handsome partner, but I've had some who  could set
me quivering with a single look.

Aral is incredibly attractive, and I'm seeing Ollie in my mind's eye as
I type this. An attractive, sexy animal, powerful and lusty and crackling
with energy. He's fiercely smart, funny, inventive, honourable, torn,
brave, determined... uh, ok, I'll stop now.

But it all adds up to attractive, incredibly attractive. Who'd want just
handsome instead of all that?

Gwynne (just loving this thread. And all that eye candy.) 

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