[LMB] Chapter 23 - ImpSec takes a dive

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sun Apr 21 18:40:45 BST 2013

[LMB] Chapter 23 - ImpSec takes a dive
Robert Woodward robertaw at drizzle.com
Sun Apr 21 08:54:17 BST 2013

 > LMB:  Back when we were doing the original promo for this book, I was 
asked in an interview if there was any interesting research I'd done for 
it.  I couldn't answer then, because it would have been a spoiler, but I 
can now: it was the fascinating little classic _Why Buildings Fall Down_ 
by Mario Salvadori and Matthys Levy.
 > I had actually read it in the late summer of 2011, with no particular 
goal in mind, just as general reading.  How to make use of it came up as 
an inspiration later on, as those last few chapters came into focus for me.

Robert A. Woodward: I have serious misgivings about this scene. In my 
experience, office buildings are built on bedrock when possible or on 
pilings (which are driven deep) when not possible.

LMB:  Yep.  Knew about that.  Clearly the building/its pylons were not 
on bedrock.  It is possible that it only stopped sinking when said 
pylons _hit_ the bedrock, though.

Ta, L.

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