[LMB] Gregor, and workload

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Thu Apr 25 02:38:27 BST 2013

>>Poor Gregor, he has to do stuff like that ALL DAY. One 'fun' meeting 
>>after another. Why isn't he totally crazed by now?

>Because he was taught by his very own Wonder Regent - one Aral Vorkosigan,
a galaxy-class master of doing stuff like that. Heh, Aral could have done
stuff like that in his sleep, blindfolded, and with ?>one hand tied behind
his back!

>Sue (still 'lusting' after Aral)

--I wonder if this includes the two hour lunch? If there is anybody in
desperate need of a two-hour lunch, it's a hard-working Emperor like Gregor.
Eating leisurely, and not just ingesting food-pellets on the run. Reading
the latest mark-dreadful by Lola Luscious (e-readers are your friends this
way, nobody needs to know but you). Playing with horses. Smooching with
Laisa! Learning how to fish, the Impsec way. Skeet shooting. Combining skeet
shooting with disposing of golf balls that won't go where you want them <G>
(I don't think Impsec would let Gregor play golf the way they in HOW MUCH
FOR JUST THE PLANET?, though...). Martial arts (later to become marital
arts, heh). Anything that grounds Gregor in the physical world, instead of
leaving him stranded inside his head, would be a very good thing, I think. 

Bet he wouldn't mind taking cooking classes from Ma Kosti!

Jean Lamb
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