[LMB] Winterfair Gifts - How Did You Come Across This Story?

mmegaera at nwlink.com mmegaera at nwlink.com
Thu Dec 5 23:52:03 GMT 2013

> Since [Arde is] staying at Vorkosigan House, I wonder
what kind of interaction he's had with Cordelia and if 1) he
remembers her from that first meeting, 2) she remembers him
from that first meeting (highly likely), and then what would
their conversations be like........hmmmm....

I've wondered that one ever since the book came out.  I've also wanted to 
read about the moment Ekaterin made the connection between the "eight foot 
tall genetic cocktail with fangs" and Miles's "that" from the girlfriend 
litany in _Komarr_.

Oh, to have been a fly on *those* walls...


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