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> You're assuming her average soldier *knows* about the
demons.  She's 

> the Golden General's daughter, and he was an avatar of the
Father.  I 

> would bet you a great deal that he had special powers
beyond his 

> charisma (and encapsulating the demon in Joen, which
nobody knew 

> about); I would also bet you that those powers have been

> by rumor and folklore ever since.  I would *also* bet you
that Joen is 

> using that to her advantage and telling people either that
this is a 

> gift from the Golden General (which she seems to honestly

> without mentioning the "demon" part, or that she or Sordso
has been 

> given a gift like the Golden General (again, without
mentioning the 

> "demon" part.  Yes, her inner circle knows the truth, but
she can 

> control them.  And if the rank and file believe the powers
at her 

> command to be related to the Golden General, that
*enhances* her standing, not decreases it.




Page 358 of the hardbound edition:  "Upwards of five hundred
faint soul-lights moved like fireflies among the trees, the
Jokonan soldiers and camp followers busy about their
ordinary tasks.  A smattering of souls glowed with a
stronger, much more violent and disrupted light."  Now, we
know there were fifteen hundred Jokonan soldiers in Joen's
company besieging Porifors.  If Ista detects nearly 1/3 of
them as being somewhat god-touched, then I would "presume"
that those five hundred or so might have a certain
percentage of people who could detect demons.  Not just the
eighteen sorcerers that accompany Joen, but those other
faint soul-lights might have that ability.  I would also
"presume" that Joen doesn't have the same sight that Ista
has, since Ista's second sight comes directly from the
Bastard, whereas Joen's "sight" comes from her demon.  We
don't know how far-reaching Joen's "influence" over her
people reaches, and perhaps the stronger the soul-light, the
less influence she has.  She might not even know she has
people like that in her company and  assumes that her
influence holds sway over them.  In that, she might be
deluding herself into thinking she has complete control.
With the number of sorcerers/demons she has to control
(nineteen or twenty), I don't believe she has the capability
to control another five hundred people and still maintain
her grip on the demons.  It's not like a military commander
who uses a chain of command to control the lowest soldier,
her company is being controlled through compulsion.  Perhaps
her compulsion stretches enough that the officers are
influenced and so pass her orders down to the troops.  (It
wouldn't be like "Joen says you have to do this."  It would
be more like "Do this." based on your own military
authority.)  I also "presume" that military commanders in
Jokonan are male, since they're the ones who do the
fighting.  Joen has no military experience, and I find it
hard to believe that her officers would be comfortable with
her determining strategy.  Of course, with her iron control,
she can make her officers do anything she wants them to do,
but even with that control, all she ends up doing is leading
them into a deathtrap, either in small units like the one
that captured Ista, or large units like the company at
Porifors.  She doesn't know what she's doing when it comes
to military strategy and tactics.  Her demon doesn't either,
since it was in the body of a sorcerer, and it's doubtful
that it would have been in a high-ranking officer before
that without being detected.  


I don't catch in CoC where the Golden General was an avatar
of the Father, either.  A drop of the Father's blood, which
was the curse, but it doesn't say how it came from the GG -
I don't recall any storyline that describes how he obtained
that drop, unless you've inferred that the GG was somehow an
embodiment of the Father.  I didn't make that connection
when I read CoC.  



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