[LMB] How much do they know?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 24 09:40:04 GMT 2013

Miles says, several times, that his mercenary career is no 
longer a secret. So how non-secret is it?

The Cetagandans and at least some of the Jacksons Whole
Houses know.

Auditors and armsmen know. And Miles's Nexus visitors were
at his wedding, mingling with the rest of the guests - plenty of 
stories and happy memories were passed around, most of the 
guests would have to have picked up a fair idea. 

Is it general knowledge among the High Vor? Filtering down 
to the servants (who always know everything) and then out to
the general public? What stories are told about it all? Now that 
Miles is an auditor, which was a pubic ceremony, he's on the
radar - Tien knew about the auditor appointment. 

So... what stories are starting to circulate about Miles the Nexus


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