[LMB] Vordarian, Gregor

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Thu Jan 31 18:20:09 GMT 2013

[LMB] Vordarian, Gregor
Walter Bushell proto at panix.com
Thu Jan 31 12:08:39 GMT 2013

 > John Lennard:   Aral, however inadequately, represents a new 
Barrayaran way, in which above
 > all else there isn't regular civil war but the rule of law that Vorhalas
 > and Dono also champion. Be Barrayar as dark as Tel so passionately
 > supposes, it would be a deal darker under Vordarian and his probably
 > regular turnover of like-minded successors.
 > --

Walter:  And another coup attempt would likely inspire more as Aral 
feared. It's a wonder the Cetegandians didn't take advantage.

LMB:  Oh, they were trying.  They definitely had fingers in various pies 
at the time.  Vordarian's coup, the Komarr Revolt, and what later came 
to be dubbed the Third (or Fourth, I disremember) Cetagandan War were 
all supposed to take place simultaneously.  But the Pretendership was 
cut short way prematurely, and the disunited Komarran factions were 
sluggish off the mark (no battle plan survives contact with one's 
allies, either), so Aral ended up being able to take on his crises 
(roughly) one at a time, over the course of those few horrible years of 
his regency, rather than be overwhelmed by their concatenation, as 
whatever Cetas spearheaded that "space-based clash that didn't touch 
down on any planet" had hoped.

I fancy Kanzian was critical in that last, as well, in my cat carrier.  
Kudos to young Illyan.

Ta, L..

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