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>  (Sorry for the delay, r/l is ... kinda busy .... right now.) Epilogue 
> (And way happier than the similar section in Cryoburn).
>Ylla - armpit of the Nexus. Miserable climate, alcoholic almost-retired
>consul, industrial smoggy city, and poor Tej suffering from repeated
>wormhole jumps. Lovely.
>And Ivan is glorious - he takes charge of it all, with 'what he would have
> considered average effort for a slow day at Imperial Headquarters' he
>overhauled his work, and the consul's, moved them all to a tropical
>paradise, streamlined the work to a few mornings a week, hired a clerk,
>and set them all up very comfortably. And does it in three weeks.

And you wonder why Intelligent Lazy officers are so prized for staff work,
they can streamline things to maximum efficiency with minimal work.
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