[LMB] Barrayaran ethnicities, was English does not include Scottish

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How about Voryisroel? ;-)


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> Well, I'm still waiting to see Vorcohen and Vorlevi. 
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>> Subject: [LMB]  Barrayaran ethnicities, was English does not include Scottish
>> [LMB] OT: English does not include Scottish
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>> Margaret Dean:  Ethnic and linguistic questions aside, there must have 
>> been at least some
>> Scottish ancestry among the Firsters.  Otherwise, where did Vormuir come
>> from (besides being a Tuckerism, I mean)?
>> LMB:  Aye.
>> Although the Barrayaran Firsters are posited as coming from a few 
>> limited regions of Earth mumble-hundred years in our future, one must 
>> suppose said regions will not be _less_ ethnically and racially mixed 
>> that they are now.  Which is part of why the average Barrayaran is 
>> described as having rather Mediterranean looks, that region having been 
>> a crossroads and melting pot for millennia.
>> So, really, _any_ Old Earth surname is theoretically possible to pop up 
>> on ToI Barrayar, although such things being what they are over time, a 
>> lot of the original patronyms will have died out naturally, through the 
>> progenitors dying without issue or having only girls. (In the latter 
>> case, of course, the genes flow on.)  Ditto languages only spoken by a 
>> few Firsters.
>> French and German used to be socially constructed as two different 
>> "races", at various historical times; they aren't anymore, at least not 
>> in America.  (There may still be a few unreconstructed Frenchman or 
>> Germans who hold a different view.)  Emigration appears to have a 
>> breaking-down effect on source-country boundaries and finer gradations 
>> of these constructed distinctions, racial, social, and linguistic.
>> Ta, L.
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