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My head-canon is that there were, in fact, things going wrong with Yuri
long before the massacre, and that no one noticed, or if they noticed, they
excused it, or explained it to themselves, or couldn't do anything about
it. Later, the little signals became unimportant, because the massacre
eclipsed them. Most of what we know about the massacre comes ultimately
from Aral, who has perfectly understandable reasons to focus on the
massacre. Even if he knows everything there is to know (he might not - he
was, after all, still a child at the time) it wouldn't necessarily come up
in conversation "in our hearing", so to speak.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Reading what Tony Z wrote while I was typing:
I do like the idea that he simply never got used to peacetime. It's only
one step from killing Cetagandan bastard babies to killing Barrayaran
children born uncomfortably close to the camp-stool that might grow up to
plot. And good catch on the other alarming things he did, besides the

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> One of the things I love about Shards is that it's not always
> easy to decide where the 'villain' labels go. Most especially
> with Bothari, who qualifies as villain and hero.
> Yuri qualifies as a villain, from the backstory. What happened
> to Yuri to turn him so evil? Xav's letter that we see in CVA is
> comfortable, even fond. It suggests a good relationship, but a
> few years later Yuri sends death squads after Xav and all of
> his family.  Yuri was a brave war hero, he seems to have been
> a reasonable emperor - the only bad act we hear about is the
> massacre of his family. Ok, it's a big 'only', but there's no other
> bad-Yuri stories, whereas for Serg we get a whisper of years of
> nasty stuff going on.
> Is the political officer a villain? He organised a plot to murder
> Aral, and a mutiny.
> Gwynne, checking for more villains.
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