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> > One of the things I love about Shards is that it's not always
> > easy to decide where the 'villain' labels go. Most especially
> > with Bothari, who qualifies as villain and hero.
> > Yuri qualifies as a villain, from the backstory. What happened
> > to Yuri to turn him so evil? Xav's letter that we see in CVA is
> > comfortable, even fond. It suggests a good relationship, but a
> > few years later Yuri sends death squads after Xav and all of
> > his family.  Yuri was a brave war hero, he seems to have been
> > a reasonable emperor - the only bad act we hear about is the
> > massacre of his family.
> You forget his 'defenestration of the Privy Council'
> Does his support of the Mad Architect count

As for Dono the increasingly disturbed (love that line), he may have been
insane, but he was a competent architect. The hanging of the construction
boss was a result of the use of substandard materials as a cost-cutting
measure that resulted in several deaths. When compared to other Barrayaran
forms of execution, I'd say they went easy on him...

Jeff Shultz

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