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The Met Titles system cost $2.3 million, but that was eight years ago. The problem with supertitles for The Met is the size of the proscenium (54 feet wide by 54 feet high) and the size of the house. The supertitles would be more than 140 feet from some seats and so to make them visible from the far seats, they would be distractively large from the close seats. The Music Director (James Levine) swore that The Met would never use supertitles because he considered them taking away from the action on the stage, and Levine generally got his way. He accepted the Met Titles because the viewer can turn them off.


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>> On May 11, 2013, at 12:10 AM, fishman at panix.com wrote:
>>> I believe that the projections above the stage are called supertitles.
> The
>> Metropolitan Opera House in New York City does it differently. There is a
> digital
>> display panel on the back of the seat in front of you which shows the
> translation.
> Hmmm.... my first reaction to that was 'Oh, Cool!' but on reflection I don't
> think that would work as well as the lower-tech supertitles, which would be
> in better 'lign of sight' for watching the action on stage and reading the
> words simultaneously.  With a screen on the back of the seat in front you'd
> have to keep glancing down.  I would guess that the Met are also in a rather
> different position financially than many performance venues - that system
> must cost an order of magnitude more than just projecting onto a screen
> above the stage.
> Carol
> Very conscious of the economics of classical performances and venues
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