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> That's interesting.  Also, ick, I don't know what a brain 'should' look
> like, but I was  under the impression that tumors are recognizably
> different color/texture/whatever than the surrounding tissue.  

They are. I've seen photos, because I .. like to know these things. But if you don't already know at least roughly what you're looking at it's just, um, another discrete chunk of stuff in an already complicated object, probably not ... currently in its ideal form, you know? If you already knew that one of the things you were seeing was a tumour, you'd probably guess right. If that makes sense without being too explicit?

It's like ... Speaking from first aid and on a hopefully less ick level, I think it would be much like looking at a deep road-rash injury and trying to figure out how deep by deciding if you're looking at road debris or tendon sheathing or bone or all three. They don't look like each other, but neither looks quite how you'd expect from descriptions, either. 

> Based on no
> information whatsoever, come to think of it.
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