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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun May 19 20:54:59 BST 2013

> From: mmegaera at nwlink.com

> Gwynne:
> Not very easy to decide just how to phrase some of that, without
> getting into very difficult territory. 'Your daddy wasn't the hero you
> think he is'- 'why?' - 'Ummm....'  Not an easy conversation at any age.
> And how many difficult conversations do parents either have with their 
> children as they're growing up, or should have but don't?  And how often is 
> the outcome much worse when they don't have the conversations?

There's also the question of timing. Gregor was traumatised by his mother's
death. They probably wanted him to have as much security and comfort
as possible, for a while. Then suddenly it's time for him to go away to school, 
and you can't upset him then. He's tormented by worries about insanity in
the family - Yuri, and his grandmother, it'd be the final blow to add his 
father to that list. Then he's at the Academy, and then he's the new Emperor, 
and about to sentence Miles for treason. Time flies when you're having fun.

Considering his paranoia about paranoia, it would be difficult to manage 
giving him the information about Serg without adding to his worries. 

I agree that it would have been a good idea to make sure he was better
informed, but it would be so tough to drop one more load onto the 
child who'd had so much to take already. And possibly there was some
feeling that it was kinder to give him as happy a childhood as they could, 
for as long as possible, because his life was going to be so limited and
stressful anyway.

I so wish we could see the scene when Gregor meets up with Aral on
the Prince Serg (ohhhh what a venue for it, too) and they discuss 
running away, and why, and Gregor makes himself co-commander
of the fleet, and Aral is torn between pride in Gregor, and fear about
losing him again, and a healthy desire to throttle him for all the worry
he caused. 

> Lots of things are difficult.  I bet Gregor didn't think his conversation 
> with Nikki was a walk in the park, either.  But it was necessary.

Gregor doesn't seem to find it too difficult. In some ways it might
almost be cathartic for him.

> Megaera
> really, really boggled at all of the Ezar apologists, too, just on general 
> principles 

I think calling people 'apologists' for expressing an opinion is a poorly 
chosen term, unless it's an attempt to stop the exchange of ideas. Labels
like that can be seen as insulting, dismissive, and a way to avoid addressing
the valid opinions of others. On general principles, it's a good idea to avoid



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