[LMB] Villains

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu May 23 20:48:02 BST 2013

Sue, buying into Gwynne's theory, said:

> So very true. 

I don't buy it.  I think that if the Bujold books have any message at all, it's that sin exists, and should be countered with grace.

> There's no black and white at all, just the whole gamut
> from white to black. 

You mean off-white to off-black?

> No saints, but a lot of sinners. 

We have at least one saint:  and she's a martyr, too.  Little Raina Csurik of Silvy Vale.

> Some trying to improve, some not. 

Which IMHO is what separates the heroes from the villains. 

> Our "heroes"always try - often with spectacular
> failures before succeeding. That's why they're so memorable, so
> real, so *human*.  It pretty much sums up my feelings about the books,
> too

I agree with the last part.. The point being that sorting out what is good and what is bad isn't easy.  And sometimes the villains become such because they use the wrong measurements.


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