[LMB] Colonial Comparisons (Was: the plotters of Komarr)

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This comparison has it's limits.  Surrendering Komarr would be less like giving up on the Suez Canal and more like London surrendering every port (and airport) for good.  The cost/benefit analysis changes considerably.

As an aside, France's big problem with absorbing Algeria was (not surprisingly) taking well over a century to seriously consider granting the Algerians the full rights of citizens (toss the legal distinctions between the local populace and the Colons as late as the 1940s and the place would have had a better than even chance of the place ending up as french as Corsica by now).  Barrayar is progressing far faster on that front, and frankly was never as bad.

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At 01:31 PM 5/22/2013, you wrote:
>On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 06:10:00PM +1000, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > > From: Damien Sullivan <phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu>
> >
> > > How about "injustice two or more generations ago" vs. "injustice
> > > happening right now with no end in sight"?
> >
> > Do we really need to go over all the strategic reasons for annexing
> > Komarr? Surely it's been covered at tiresome length already.
>Just because it's attractive and advantageous doesn't make it just.
> > I'm interested in your time limit, though. If Barrayar holds Komarr
> > for another generation, that apparently makes it ok.
>Uh, no.  The occupation is an ongoing injustice.

I think that, given what happened to various foreign empires here, 
Barrayar is close to the situation in the early 20th century.  Like 
the situation in Komarr to Egypt.  The Suez canal was important to 
the British, and they took over control of Egypt in order to protect 
their interests with the Canal.  Now go back 75 or so years, and 
consider New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, all colonized from the 
UK, and compare them to Sergyar, colonized from Barrayar.

I would guess that as long as the Komarr wormhole is of strategic 
importance to Barrayar, that Barrayar will try to maintain control of 
that. They appear to be appempting a benevolent oversight of Komarr, 
interfering in internal matters as little as possible.  That won't 
work forever.

France tried to integrate Algeria into the French government, giving 
them representation in parliament, etc., with no luck.  I would guess 
that sooner or later, Komarr will want to control its own affairs, 
and will sooner or later gain its independence, as have most nations 
in various European empires.

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