[LMB] Villainous Barrayar

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Barrayar was not yet fully industrialized, though it was doing so rapidly. In many areas. the resources were not there - yet. In the Caravanserai and in some of the Districts, the will was not there yet, either, because the heads of those in power were still in the old, feudal, "masterless men are criminal scum" mindset for the city and "the peasants have always lived this way and are perfectly happy" for the back country.

And - as Chekov's plays have shown - often enough, the people in the back country shared that mindset in real life. 

"Developed" is a term meaning many things, but industrialization is at the root of it.  

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> Walter said:
> > Barrayar at that time was not a developed country, developing certainly.
> Don't you see how meaningless that is, divorced from the context of present-day Earth?
> ... Not singling you out, Walter, but in general...  Look.  Is your only touchstone to reality the western hemisphere in the 21st century?  and the standards that implies?  the things we take for granted as normal'?  The lives we live now, with the vocabulary attached?  Don't you see how narrow that perspective is, compared to the bigger pictures?
> We are all developing countries.  All of us.  Always.  
> namaste,
> Elizabeth
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