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> > Do we know for sure that there wasn't anything native to Barrayar that
> > didn't eat fruit?  Even bugs eat fruit here on Earth.
> >
> There are bugs that consume fruit - as a pest.  But, to my knowledge, no
> fruit is designed for a bug to eat, because bugs are too small to carry
> seeds in their digestive systems unharmed - and that is the purpose of a
> fruit or fruitlike structure, ultimately, to get something to eat and
> deposit the seeds elsewhere.
> IIRC, Barrayar has no land animals, only tiny creatures inaccurately
> referred to as bugs.  No lizards, mammals, birds - nothing suitable to
> evolve along with fruits.

We are provided one land animal that isn't a "bug" - horned hoppers. They
are not large - cats catch them and bring them to their people, much like
they might bring mice or voles. Presumably these eat the bugs...

> > My first reaction to brillberries was something like lingonberries, or
> > maybe blackberries.  You know, it wouldn't be that hard for the name to
> get
> > changed over the centuries of the TOI.
> >

I've generally assumed that brillberries got their names via changes over
time, possibly by means of confusion with bilberries (though bilberries are
blue and closely related to blueberries, so it would definitely be a
mistaken association).


> I had always assumed that the roses of Barrayar (which were probably only
> included because Ms. Bujold remembered them from her youth) had "actually"
> been introduced for their fruits.  There are varieties of roses which
> produce human-quality fruits, and others which are fantastic for wildlife.
> I can't help but wonder how they've been spreading on Barrayar, since roses
> usually require birds or mammals to propagate them.  We've never been told
> about any native Barrayaran wildlife that isn't plant(like), besides those
> tiny... things.  And that some kinds of imported life never thrived, like
> bats.  Oddly, there must *be* bats, but not many of them.  Can the same be
> said of birds?

It is known that there are some birds on Barrayar, besides the obvious hens
(henbloat being a native plant), but the textev just says "other birds"
without details. And yes, I can name an article on the wikia that has all
the details I've been able to put together (with books where they've been
seen, though not the chapters, which makes hand-searching not fun) - http:/

Karen Hunt

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