[LMB] A book that put me in mind of Miles

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 4 12:52:37 BST 2013

> From: Eric Oppen <technomad at intergate.com>

> I just finished rereading _Six Against the Rock,_ an account of the  
> attempted escape that turned into the 1946 "Battle of Alcatraz."
> Frankly, I think that Alcatraz, as a prison, would tax even Miles'  
> ingenuity sorely.  I've been on the island myself (as a tourist, I  
> hasten to add) and agree that it was, indeed, escape-proof.

> So...WWMVD?
> Firstly, he'd make sure he wasn't sent _to_ Alcatraz in the first  
> place; you didnt get sentenced to it but were sent there for being a  
> PITA or too well-known.  So if Miles were in prison at that time, he'd  
> keep his head down and do his time.
> And if he _was_ on Alcatraz, he'd concentrate on getting out the legal  
> way...he'd get the best lawyers he could afford and turn them loose on  
> either getting him sprung, or at least to a less rigorous prison.

I think Miles would go with his strengths - he'd be so friendly, compliant,
eager to help, harmless, helpless... he'd need protection from all those
huge dangerous criminals, he'd be disarming and entertaining, and so
tiny and damaged and harmless... In a week he'd have the run of the 
place, in three weeks he'd be running it. And the ones who thought they
were in charge wouldn't realise it until it was way too late.

Quite probably, he'd get himself so comfortably organised there that 
he wouldn't NEED to escape. 



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