[LMB] Mark Vorkosigan and capitalism (now with the proper tag!)

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 18:47:49 BST 2013

[sigh]  Sending this again, because I can't remember to put the proper tag
on posts sent to the list.  (Why yes, I did attend Midvale School for the
Gifted, why do you ask?)

I can't help but think that Jackson's Whole, and the character ultimately
known as Mark Vorkosigan, exist partly to examine the light and dark sides
of Capitalism (with or without a capital letter as you prefer).

Which, in itself, is pretty unusual.  Generally authors are interested
either in demonizing a societal model, or canonizing it -- politics,
economics, religion, it doesn't matter.  There's an axe, and it's going to
be ground.  But LMB gives us... not 'both sides', but a full, 3-D view, of
the desirable and undesirable aspects of all kinds of social systems, warts
and all.  A view full of complexities, which is something that's
increasingly scarce in public discourse everywhere.

As curious as it sounds, it has occurred to me that Ms. Bujold's books are
actually the most capitalist-friendly SF works I've come across in a very
long time.  Odd, huh?  Perhaps it's because the books are overall
optimistic instead of dystopias.  Everything looks bad in a dystopia.

Let's talk about Mark.

Matt G.

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