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Sat Oct 19 20:30:45 BST 2013

> > Joe:
> > ...But Aral did not know Nikki when
> > he would have had a hand in those rules, so I don't think that applies.  
> I think ( and possibly this is T Neill's idea too) that Aral was writing those 
> rules based on his attempts to change Barrayar's attitudes and behavior 
> toward mutants (or those that look like mutants). Can't recall off-hand 
> if there is textev that this precedes Miles's birth, but certainly most of his 
> regency period he'd have been influenced to continue these attempts by 
> knowing Miles. Not to mention Cordelia...

Yes, that was my idea.  Aral and Cordelia do bring this up in _Barrayar_ when arguing with Piotr:

The muscles in Piotr's jaw jumped. Not the
irresistible force and the immovable object after all, but the irresistible
force and some fluid sea; Piotr's blows kept failing to land, splashing past
helplessly. Mental judo. He was off-balance, and flailed for his center,
striking out wildly now. "Think of Barrayar. Think of the example you're

"Oh," breathed Aral, "that I
have." He paused. "We have never led from the rear, you or I. Where a
Vorkosigan goes, maybe others might not find it so impossible to follow. A
little personal . . . social engineering."

Between that, the example he was hoping to set using Miles as Miles grew up and entered the military, and Cordelia's influence, I'm thinking that restrictions on serving in the Military due to Vorzhone's Dystrophy would probably be due to some underlying physiological reasons. Not due to carrying a mutation.  OTOH, even Ivan twitches at the mention of mutating *languages* of all things, so it may be Aral didn't want to rock that particular boat too badly. Or maybe a combination of both.

T Neill


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