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Re: Judy's idea of putting a caravan on a train to go across Australia:

It's doable, but why would you want to? To pay for your seat on the train and then to pay for the storage space for the caravan, when you need only pay for your seat?  If you want to use the caravan in places where there aren't any trains, the two options most Australians use is to either drive and use the caravan the whole way (most popular), or to hire an RV where the train ends and the road begins (we have a big caravan-hiring industry).

My parents were checking out going to the US and travelling via a Winnebago.  It actually was cheaper to buy one second hand, use it for three months and then resell it that it would have been to hire one.  That's kind of crazy, but I guess it is easier to sell a house than rent one out.

Re Stacey:

I'm glad your parents had a good time! 


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Good luck with planning the journey, my Dad and Stepmum did it a couple of
years ago with a Hilux and a 60ft caravan, went
 for a 2 month trip and came
back 8months later with amazing stories and photos.  I haven't seen those
parts of Aussie yet but its a wild and amazing place and well worth taking
the time to see some of the further away bits  from the looks of things :)


JRJ at Saturday, October 19, 2013

Any chance of putting an RV (recreational vehicle, aka caravan or motorhome)
on a flatbed on the train for those long, long journeys over Australia?
Strikes me as the way to go.  Would love it, if only had the money.  I keep
running into people from Oz and NZ at RV parks in the USA; they buy a rig,
do their touring, and resell it before going home.  You can do that for
Europe, too, but the distances are not so daunting.

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