[LMB] Joss Whedon and the Vorkosiverse : was Superman and Hubris

Heather Harper harpingheather at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 14:30:39 BST 2013

On Aug 30, 2013 11:24 PM, "Paula Lieberman" <paal at filker.org> wrote:

> ObBuhold--I wonder what a Joss Whedon production of Nexus books would be
like?   I expect it would not have a Moronic Script from Hell (however, for
me, the Train Robbery episode of Firefly was a script from hell...)

But then Kareen would be killed at the end of ACC, just when it looked like
Mark was going to get some happiness and sanity.

Or Ivan would have contracted some ancient and mutated haut disease from
the spoils in the bunker in CVA.

Or it would be Taura that fell out of the shuttle on Dagoola 4.

Quinn would die at the end of "Memory," before Miles had a chance to make
things right. Probably killed by a Komarran terrorist aiming for Miles.

You know, I admire a writer willing to use the realities of death, but it
seems to me Joss DEPENDS on it.

My two marks,
 (Sorry if this is a re-post - I tried to send it from my phone and I'm not
sure it made it through.  Also I thought it'd be better to clarify the
subject line.)

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