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On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 9:08 AM, Alison Hendon <alisonhendon at bookops.org>wrote:

> In one of my favorite books, Understood Betsy, which takes place in the
> early 1900s in Putney, Vermont, Betsy is used to reading a sentence and
> then stopping.  This is how they did it in her city school.  She's amazed
> when, in her little one-room schoolhouse, the teacher tells her to go on.
>  And on.  And then says that though Betsy is only 9, she'll be in the 7th
> grade reading group.  How I wish that had happened to me!
> Alison

I found "Understood Betsy" in a used books box a few years ago.
It was wonderful.

But it did rather thump on the fact that city folks=bad, country
folks=good, which annoys me, because I will never be country folk. *sneeze!
Achoo!  Who put all that grass out there?*

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