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Another factor--there aren;t any parts of Massachusetts that are not part of 
a city or a town. Those 40,000 people are in around 36 square miles [roughly 
six miles by six miles].  The adjacent communities include Chelmsford, 
Concord, Burlington, Carlisle, Wilmington, and Lowell which is one of the 
original high density mill cities, is close by.

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> > Regarding New England towns--the one I live in has approximately
> > 40,000 people, and a density of more than 1000 people per square
> > mile on the averages.  New England's population distribution is such
> Around one thousand?  That's not very dense at all for a town...
Well, that level of density makes sense, when you consider that most towns
around here have low-density zoning outside the town center, and a lot of
development on what used to be small farms.  In other words, these towns
are suburbia, and not inner suburbia at that.  I live 25 miles from Boston,
about the same as Paula I think.

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