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Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Mon Sep 2 17:44:30 BST 2013

Jerrie wrote:

>Nicholas Rosen admits to having both read and enjoyed the unabridged _Les Miserables_.
>Elin B. in effect says, "I'll see your unabridged and raise you an unabridged in French."

Eh heh heh. Sorry if it came off that way! *^_^* But I have heard that many of the English Les Mis translations wind up sounding quite a bit more old-fashioned and awkward than the original. So maybe... maybe, in a way, it was easier for me this way. I don't know. Certainly took some time, though. (It was interesting comparing Hugo's prose to that of Dickens, who I also like and have read quite a bit more of: they're both vivid, wordy, and full of wry humour; but Dickens to me felt more bouncy, Hugo more wavy (wave-y?).) 

>Side-stepping the whole Les Mis thing, in college I did once spend two weeks reading the unabridged >_Count Of Monte Cristo_ in French [as long as it took me to read _Gone With The Wind_ in elementary >school].  Years later, I ordered it from Canada and have reread it a few times since.  It is to be admitted, I >do skim or skip the drug trips and most bandit encounters.

>_Monte Cristo_ has been a favorite ever since I saw the "Illustrated Classics" cartoon as a child.  [I'd pay >good money to have that on dvd!]  In 2nd year French, our high school library had an abridged >adaptation, and we were off to the races.  It is to be admitted, I'm almost afraid to reread it these days, >lest it's been visited by the Fairies [the Suck Fairy, Classism Fairy, Misogynism Fairy, etc.]

Oh, I definitely want to read "Count of Monte Cristo" too someday! And that one I don't think I've ever read in translation nor taken part of adaptations to other media. For whatever reason, I never quite got into "The Three Musketeers" as a young reader and didn't try out other Dumas works at the time. But I've heard a lot of good things about Monte Cristo recently that's made me want to finally try it! 



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