[LMB] OT: Gender inequality

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> I saw a documentary on (UK) tv a few years ago which reported that all round the world there were/are jobs/skills which are considered mens' work in that culture including embroidery and women aren't suited to it.
> Also that men's work always carries higher status.  In Russia (USSR as it was then) as more and more women qualified as doctors the profession began to lose status, the brightest and best male students looking to other higher status professions.
> Can't remember the name or series sorry.
> Phyll.
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One thing that cross-cultural studies show is that status is very important to men. It is to women as well, but we go about it in different ways. One of Steve Stirling's characters remarked that men jockey for status the way dogs do, and women, the way cats do. (Then someone else made a wisecrack about how and where dogs sniff other dogs <G>.)

But that, given money or other resources, by and large, women will put it to the service of their families, especially children. Men - depending on the culture - will spend it on buying status symbols, buying rounds of drinks for the guys, and other ways to gain status in front of other men, and often enough will also spend it on chick-chasing. According to one long-forgotten source, the easier it is to make a living, the more the guys will do this, but where the work of both men and women are needed to keep the famiyl alive, the men will be just as conscientious as the women. 

Now, that said, it's a rare culture where well-provided-for children does not enhance a woman's status!

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