[LMB] Gender equality and genetic predispositions

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> ... It just seems to me that it's
> still impossible to satisfactorily tease out the contributions of biology
> vs the contributions of culture. The only place you can do that is with
> newborn babies with experimenters that are truly blind to the babies' sex.
> That's not very useful for learning about the effects of biology on career
> choice.
> --

Babies in the maternity ward get color-coded little hats. Or the name-cards
on the bassinets are blue "Its a boy!" or pink "Its a girl!"
I wonder what would happen if there were blue "Its a girl!" or pink "Its a

A lot of babies on my block have earrings -  they get their ears pierced
before they're old enough to have the coordination to play with the little
gold studs, and way too young to anticipate pain.   Boy babies don't get
their ears pierced.
Both genders get little red bracelets against the evil eye, but
boy-bracelets are a red cord, and girl-bracelets are a red cord or red

Remind me about this social equality thing?  When people who are too young
to know what male/female IS, but they MUST be identified by gender or the
world will come to an END, the sky will FALL, and the earth will fall into
the SUN?

Lolcats aren't gendered, as far as I know.

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