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Most of the lawn care workers here seem to be Hispanic males, even though 
the countries they;re from, are a very long distance away.  Many of them are 
not in the USA with --work authorizations--it's a situation of high effort 
hard work, low pay, and people who accept hard work and low pay and are 
trying to keep a low profile, and are exploitable--not as bad as the 
situation Cazaril was on when a galley slave, but....

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> I had very specifically said I had observed men out doing lawncare and
landscaping and no women--that the people who go around  commercially in


Most of the lawn care services in this area have crews that are Hispanic
males, although you do see a few women. This was starting to be a trend
when I graduated in 2000. They work their butts off, and are not highly
paid. But, at least they have gotten out of the migrant worker trap, and
are able to put down roots.

no habla espagnol (my language skills are nonexistent) 

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