[LMB] Falling Free - Chapter 8

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Tue Sep 3 02:50:02 BST 2013

Ok, here we go, Chapter 8.

Leo tells Silver about the end of the project, and finds out just how
sneaky the innocent quaddies can be when Silver shows him their
secret Clubhouse, built and equipped under the noses of the Downsiders.
In fact, Silver already has a team of experienced rebels, already trained
in covert actions. Today the Clubhouse, tomorrow the whole Habitat!

Leo tells Silver his plan, but the quaddies have to choose for themselves
if they follow it or not, he wants them to have freedom of choice. Silver
agrees, but some of the quaddies will be told last... Silver will get the 
'important ones' onside first.  

Problems - Leo has to spend time downside, the Downsiders have to
be (safely) evacuated from the Habitat.  And the problem that at some
point someone is going to have to point a weapon at someone else, 
and mean it. They can convert tools to weapons (how symbolic) but
can they use them? Silver doesn't think so.  They decide sneaky might
be better than violence to get rid of the Downsiders. 

They can do the preparation under cover of practice, they have the 
skills for that. Thank you, Galactech, for the training.

And they need a pilot. Leo wants Silver to persuade the pilot to join them.
Slightly squicky, perhaps - delicately asking her to seduce the pilot 
onto their side. It's almost as if Leo is doing this to make himself give
up his interest in Silver. And I think he truly does believe she has a 
romantic relationship with Ti, rather than the more pragmatic one
that really exists.

They have to steal a cargo jumper. And the quaddies have to do it
themselves, Leo will be busy with other parts of the plan. The 
quaddies are going to grow up fast and hard. It's a leap of faith for
all of them. And Silver is already stepping up - suggesting that they
send Ti with the jumper-takers. She's good on strategy already.

Leo has an inspiration - and I love the scene where Leo goes to Bruce
and offers to take over dismantling the Habitat. Leo is so aware of 
every thought Bruce is having about taking the credit. And Bruce has
no thought that Leo is acting out of character. Bruce assumes 
everyone else is motivated just like him, by smarmy ambition. And Leo
gets everything he needs to do just what he wants. Bruce's self-
absorption makes him so easy to manipulate.

Mama Nilla is concerned about Andy, she tells Silver she protested
about the separation from Claire, but her supervisor blocked it. She's
claiming way more overtime, and demanding more assistants, hoping
that the extra costs will make them give Andy back. I'm assuming that
Mama Nilla doesn't yet know about the end of the project.

News about Tony, he's starting to get better. Dr Minchenko is bringing
him back at the end of his downside leave.  One problem solved.

Leo is still teaching, but now it's rebellion rather than welding. Silver has
told him that they need a legged front man to run things. Silver already
has a pretty good grasp on how to get things done, there's a shifting
in power between the two of them. 

I love Leo's speech to inspire revolution. It's ...... very engineerish. 

And Leo gives them a short lesson on reality, and their probable future.

After which he offers them the almost religious view of a Promised Land
(although in this case more of a Promised Asteroid Belt, really.)

And so the power shifts, and everything is poised to start.




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