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Tue Sep 3 10:54:23 BST 2013

 On 29 Aug 2013, at 10:58, Eric Oppen <technomad at intergate.com> wrote:
> I have thought longingly of finding whoeever it was infected our culture with this mania for ball games _ueber alles,_ and...expressing my displeasure, shall we say?  I may lack a Sarlacc to throw him to, but I rather think I could come up with something adequate.

My fiancé (who's a diehard "soccer" fan) and I had just this conversation over the weekend.
I don't understand (and likely never will) the emotional satisfaction of ball games, nor the reason people who play them get paid so much money. To me, a ball game is chasing an air-filled bladder around an artificially maintained sward. In many sports, I can see what I might term a "real-life value" to mastery of it, such as wrestling, fencing, most track and field, swimming, etc.  Ball games? Not so much.
He argued that the point of the game isn't the ball. It's the team and the synergy and the meshing of skills--that the "real-life value" is a hidden military one: creating a squad. People who play team sports are mentally and emotionally inclined to follow orders and interact as a team in order to "support the mission." Change the venue and the mission--it's alright. You already have the groundwork for a "good soldier" laid in. 
All that being said, he still loves Wigan :)

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