[LMB] Vorkosigan GURPS Game online

Cromett, Shawn C scromett at purdue.edu
Tue Sep 3 17:57:13 BST 2013

Judy wrote:
>We once talked about playing it online.  I have the book and would MAKE time.  Not a Gamemaster, tho, and have never really played D&D.

I don't have any experience with the GURPS system, but would consider GM'ing an online game if there is interest.  (I've done some non-Vorkoverse games as GM.)  They tend to work best as a form of multi-author fan-fiction writing in my experience, with the GM dealing with "random factors" element and keeping things on course.

Anyone interested, please contact me directly to avoid spamming the List.

Shawn Cromett
GMing weird games since 1978 or so...but never D&D

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