[LMB] OT: AKICOTL, Norteno Cooking question

Sue Pittak sukiyaki531 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 19:25:12 BST 2013

From: Pat Mathews:
>Does anyone have any old traditional recipes for traditional Mexican, New
Mexican, or Tex-Mex dishes? Down-home Yankee, Southern, or Midwestern
recipes are very easy to come by, but not these, at least for me.

I've just added to my cookbook collection several collections of Mexican
food you're not likely to find in restaurants.

>The recipe columns etc have a good many fancied-up ones, and I need to
keep it simple. Just me, some ingredients, and my kitchen hand tools. And
because I have problems with salt, starting with a can of something -
enchilada sauce, Cream of Whatever Soup - is no longer an option.

I feel the same way - made from scratch is the way to go! And without fancy
gadgets. And with ingredients readily available in most supermarkets. At
least the ones here in NE Ohio, anyway. One of my very earliest memories is
of watching our landlady (we lived upstairs) making corn tortillas from
scratch when I was two years old - I can still smell it! I've made 'em
myself - so much better than store bought, unless you live near a Mexican
grocer who gets them hand-made (I don't).

>Any suggestions and hints would be enormously welcome.

Anything in particular you're looking for? Soups and stews? Veggie dishes?
Beverages? Desserts and sweets? Seafood? All of the above? ('scuse me while
I mop up the drool)
I'd be happy to share! Do you think we ought to take it off-list so as not
to bore the non-Mexican food aficionados?

Sue (in a south of the border frame of mind)

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