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Nodding back in briefly, if schools used their athletics budget to make it affordable  and simple for everyone, even people with enormous courseloads and two left feet, to come out and move their bodies alone and on teams, I wouldn't begrudge a cent of it. Not even if they kept the competition-track teams going for people who want to turn pro or elite amateur.

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>> Quoting Carol Cooper <carolcooper at shaw.ca>:
>> The implication being that I thus lacked experience in working
>>> as part of a team.  He was genuinely taken aback when I pointed out that
>>> playing the 'cello in the college orchestra just might be developing some
>>> skills in that area for me. :0)
>> Orson Scott Card has pointed out that putting on a play demands a lot of teamwork, but gets much less of the glory than ball games.
> And for that matter, funding. Stanford Lively Arts ticket office had quite a lot of cast-off furniture and a long narrow office. Stanford Athletics had nicely furnished offices, $400 chairs, real A/C…and I'm willing to guess greater salaries for the same quantity & quality of work.
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