[LMB] OT: sleep remedies

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 22:58:19 BST 2013

> I have the dark room bit down OK, but I have to admit my bedtime
> discipline is weak.  I'd go to bed two hours later every night and chase
> the clock around if  could.  I have a suspicion that if my natural
> circadian rhythms could be measured, they'd come out to a 26.7 hour day...
> Ta, L.

The average human circadian clock is a bit longer than 24 hours, which is
why most of us find it easier to slide forward than to pull backward in our
sleeping schedule. Light is the most significant zeitgeber, so you might
find it helpful to look into light therapy. Beyond trying to reduce your
blue light exposure at night time, well timed UV lamp exposure early in the
morning can help--I know a few people who use one. Even just an early walk
on sunny days might help.

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