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Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Sun Sep 8 01:14:32 BST 2013

I've found one issue is if my pre-sleep reading material is suspenseful, exciting, or leads me to thinking out scenarios about the characters or situation. That can keep me from sleeping for hours. I do best if I read non-fiction. 

My sleep doctor (I also have apnea) swears up and down that a big solution to difficulty falling asleep is to force yourself to get up at the same relatively early time each morning, regardless of how little sleep you are getting. 

I have discovered in the last year or so, after keeping a sleep log for a few weeks, that I can no longer tolerate caffeine (aka ice tea) at dinner or thereafter -- and my normal bedtime is 2am. 

There is a lot of research about light exposure and how light that is too bright in the evening can prevent falling asleep. Bright light in the morning, such as going for a walk without sunglasses is supposed to help reset one's inner clock.

Finally, it seems that staying asleep through the night is a rather modern expectation. Before street lights and bright indoor lights, it was usual to wake up after being asleep for a few hours, be awake for an hour or two, and then sleep again.

Janet in TN, who collects sleep remedies

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