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On 7 Sep 2013, at 02:22, mmegaera at nwlink.com wrote:
(Quoting Katherine C.)--
> I still remember the indignation I felt 45 years ago when a teen magazine (probably the Girl Scouts-related American Girl magazine) said that no book was so exciting that it would keep you awake.  Not so much.  More like, no book is so boring that I can go to sleep while reading.

Well, heck--I've read something through the night often enough. I can get drowsy enough that I begin to fall asleep, which is when I put the book down, take off my glasses, turn off the light, put in my glaucoma drops, and find tonight's starting position in sleep.

> Megaera
> whose body is so used to reading before sleep after all these years that getting to sleep without being able to do so is almost impossible 

There are nights where not being able to read in bed (light bothers husband, who began his sleep earlier) keeps me from falling asleep.

Now, prevailing sleep "wisdom" or hygiene says that one should only sleep or have sex in the bed. If one wants to read, go to another room.
Sorry, Charlie, but if I read in another room until I get drowsy enough to go to bed, it's quite possible that by the time I reach my bed, I'm awake again.

Prevailing dogma is also that you should have no electronics in your bedroom. Alarm clocks? Bed controls (we have a SleepNumber bed)? Phone for those emergency calls? Now, I absolutely hate jolted from sleep to the sound of a landline's choices of rings. In our last house, the main phone in the kitchen had its ringer on, but not any in the upstairs bedrooms. Sorry, but my alarm is on my phone, as well as Bejeweled2, my calendar, and text messages. I find that I resent text messages appearing when it's Not a Polite Time to call someone. If I could program the system to mute any incoming texts between 10pm and 9am, I would.

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