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A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
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On 7 Sep 2013, at 10:19, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> Someone mentioned starting an OT thread to share sleep remedies -- I would be interested.
> No, I don't have any good ones to share.  Currently my best combo is half a Unisom and a quarter melatonin

Melatonin comes in various dosages, at least 3, 5, and 10mg pills. What size are you quartering?

Is there something you feel is keeping you from sleep, that you can identify, that is?

> I still wake up every 90 minutes to 2 hours just the same.)  And the melatonin gives me unpleasant dreams.

Those are about the length of a standard sleep or dream cycle. When I nap, I give myself 2 hrs: some time to drop off followed by 90 min, which is my cycle length. That's when I *can* nap, or sleep.

> And I suspect the sleep meds linger in my system in the morning and afternoon, damping brain function.  By the time I'm really waking up well, it's time to hit myself with the chemical hammer and go to bed again

My idiosyncratic reaction to prescription or OTC sleep aids/meds/drugs is that they might work *once*. The next night, my body having figured out that I'm trying to trick it, refuses to cooperated, and after a few days I give up. If they don't work the first night, they never will. This also goes for "folk medicine" and herbal preparations. I'm generally not anxious or (muscle) tense.

These days I seem to waver between not really being able to sleep one or two nights, followed by a day or more of not being able to fully wake and function. Now, often the day after a performance OR taking my sister (and her chair) out and about, I will be useless, groggy, and unwilling to get out of bed for anything but elimination.

>  I have a suspicion that if my natural circadian rhythms could be measured, they'd come out to a 26.7 hour day…

I think mine is on a 48 hr schedule, some weeks. Get up one morning, stay awake that night, handle the next day, and crash early-for-me. I may or may not want to sleep 12 hrs or longer. I'm not exactly nocturnal...

I have a "HappiLite" (Verilux?), and OTT fullspectrum lights. The former is for SAD and too many overcast or rainy days in a row, even sitting by a window. Helps a lot, behind me. The OTTs are for true color perception. Any fluorescent tubes will be FS or "daylight"--it makes quite a deal of difference to my mood, as does access to "natural light", which I prefer anyway. Using a HappiLite nearby in the morning for 15-30 minutes may help reset circadian rhythms gone amok. So I'm told.

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