[LMB] OT: sleep remedies

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 02:49:42 BST 2013

> From: "Carol Cooper" <carolcooper at shaw.ca>

> The one thing that sometimes disturbs my sleep is that I sleep on my back
> with one knee slightly bent.  The small cavity between my shins/knees then
> acts as a magical cat attractant and I wake up at some point in the night
> discovering that I have a stiff back because I haven't been able to change
> position in my sleep due to being immobilized by Katie.  It's strange how
> one's unconscious body registers the presence of a cat and puts the cat's
> convenience and comfort above one's own.
> Carol

It's not our body reacting, it's actually a telepathic field emitted
by cats, to control all life forms in their environment.

I used to have three cats. I'd sleep in an S shape, with cats sleeping down
the centre of the bed. if I did foolishly attempt to move there'd be a low
growl from the semi-feral one. But usually I stayed obediently in the 
same position all night, firmly under feline control.


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