[LMB] OT: sleep remedies

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 02:55:44 BST 2013

> From: Hilary Powers <hilary at powersedit.com>

> On 9/7/2013 8:46 PM, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > The other thing that helps is that I can't fall asleep if my feet are cold.
> > A nice hot water bottle is fantastic (a hottie is good for so many things.)
> So it is - I used to swear by mine till the night it gave way and let 
> the water out. Swearing AT is not nearly so satisfactory.

They have to be replaced every year. The rubber perishes over 
time, especially when they stay stored away for months at a time.
And don't overfill them (I have to watch out for that!)  Swearing 
helps, too. A bit.

> These I use a microwavable bean bag for nights I know I'm going to need 
> something, and keep a heating pad in easy reach for the times leg cramps 
> wake me up.

Oh no - please don't use a microwaveable bag in bed. Ever. We've 
had a lot of safety warnings about that, after a few of them set the
 beds on fire. And older ones are particularly dangerous. 

Gwynne (The board's Safety Officer.)

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