[LMB] Happy Birthday!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 09:38:41 BST 2013

> From: William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com

> FFC, September 9th is Gwynne Powel's birthday.
> Born on September 9th:
> 1585 - Cardinal Richelieu, French clergyman and statesman (d. 1642)
> 1754 - William Bligh, British admiral and statesmen, 4th Governor of New
> South Wales (d. 1817)

Seriously? I share with a devious plotter and a man who was famous
for brutality in the British Navy in the late eighteenth century?  Ohhh
That's just lovely. 

On the bright side, I also get:
> 1737 - Luigi Galvani, Italian physician and physicist (d. 1798)
> 1828 - Leo Tolstoy, Russian author (d. 1910)

And I'm not even commenting about:
> 1890 - Colonel Sanders, American businessman, founded KFC (d. 1980) 

> Gwynne may your day be filled with all the things you love.
Thank you, it was a lovely day. I feel cherished.

> FFC, please send the Tixie dust.
> *POP*

Ooooooh rainbows!

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